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Lights from anywhere - Rubber Thumb Tip Magic Light (Red) - Set of 2 - IMPORTED

  • Package includes 2 thumbs
  • Complete instructions included
  • A light producing finger magic trick

*** Video and image are demonstration purpose only. Actual Product may be different from the representation.
Volcanic Coin

You borrow a lighter, you light it and you bring your fingers closer to the flame. Suddenly your hand is on fire! The flame is higher than 10 cm. Then the fire slowly changes into a half dollar! The changing into a coin is amazing, completely visible! The provided gimmick allows to perform incredible and various effects such as…

  • Flying flame. 
  • Change into card. 
  • Change into matchbox.
  • Change into cellular phone. 
  • Etc…

Perform whenever you want

1) This product is to be used by trained professional Magicians only. BuyItAll.in / Kolkata Magic Shop will not take any responsibility if any casualty happens for improper use.
2)This Product is Manufactured / Imported / Shipped by Kolkata Magic Shop. BuyItAll.in (Learn It All Academy) is only providing online Marketplace Service and will not take any legal / aftersales responsibility of the product's quality / originality. For support, contact Kolkata Magic Shop.
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